Frequently Asked Questions 

Q #1:  Is The Harvest Project accredited?  

Answer:  The Harvest Project credits are now transferrable to University of Northwestern, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Q #2:  What is the daily schedule like?  

Answer:  In order to accomodate more students, The Harvest Project has shifted to a night school.  Monday and Wednesday nights have been spent in the classroom, and Thursday nights were spent in fellowship with Harvest Communities’ young adult group Communitas.  There were also weekly outreach/evangelism on Saturday afternoons.

Q #3:  How many students are involved in THP? Will it feel just like a college lecture?  

Answer:  Our 2012-2013 class was 15 students.  During the times that we meet for “class”, it’s very relaxed with more of a seminar-type feel.  At THP, we don’t believe in someone just “talking at you” for the entire time.  We  discover God’s truths together, through deep and sometimes difficult questions.  In fact, we want you to ask those questions.  The instructors’ lectures all include inductive components (where everyone dives into the Bible together), and may include a book, or other creative media elements.  Every week is a different topic with a different speaker.

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