When I think back on this past year as a Harvester, I can truly say that it’s been one of the best and most challenging years of my life. From beginning to end I was challenged to step out of my box, to think deeper, to look at the Bible as an adventure and not a burden, to seek first the kingdom and all else will be added to me, to be transparent, to step out as a leader of my generation, to realize it’s okay to make mistakes, I learned that MY dream is is God’s also, and last but not least I had a great time hanging out and fellow-shipping with like minded people and built lasting friendships.

I felt so privileged to be taught by such great and knowledge filled teachers. Everyone of them taught me something different and unique that I will be able to use in life. I’m so excited that the students next year will also being hearing the great knowledge and teachings that the first year students got to enjoy.
This school has truly changed my character for the good. I’m so grateful for the encouragements and challenges that were spoken over us constantly through the course of the year by students and teachers. I especially want to thank Paul Anderson, the founder of the school; as he was constantly there with us and teaching and encouraging us in our walk with the Lord and even in the practical things that life brings. Paul is an amazing teacher and friend. He made me excited about being more responsible and more bold in my faith, which are two things that are usually are not paired with the word excitement. He believed in all of us and pushed is to walk fully in God’s plans for us as individuals.
Thank you Harvest Project for the opportunity of a life time and thank you for a great year!


Harvest Project changed my life! I learned more in the last 9 months about God, myself, and ministry than I have in all my years combined. It gave me a healthy perspective of who God has made me as a woman, and how my role fits into His cosmic purpose. Coming out of THP I feel more equipped for ministry, a bigger heart for the lost & broken, and a better understanding of my calling. When THP told us in the beginning, “give us 9 months, and we’ll give you the next 100”, they were right! As a current THP graduate, I’m so blessed by the foundation it laid for me for the next steps ahead!


When I first came to the harvest project I didn’t know what to expect. I figured this would be a bible class with some optional social time if you wanted. I ended up getting both of those and much more. The sense of community and fellowship with my class was family. Not only did I learn more of The Word God but also learned it in interesting and applicable ways. Also, in learning gun safety, how to serve, evangelism, and applying my faith to every aspect of my life has been quite the journey. I had expectations for The Harvest Project; God used those, shifted them and blew them out of water. I couldn’t imagine having more of an enjoyable time at school.


I have been challenged and stretched so much at THP this year. I have grown through inductively studying the Bible, outreach/evangelism, inner healing and deliverance etc. Spending so much time together has refined and sharpened me and taught me so much about conflict resolution. I am so glad that I am a part of this community and can’t wait for everything God has in store for us.

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