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Our Story

Karen {wifey} and I have been working with young adults in our home for over six years. We’ve seen many of them enriched by going to IHOP in Kansas City and Bethel in Redding, CA. And we thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a place right here?” God has been doing good things with young adults in the Twin Cities, especially in the last decade. A training school seemed to make sense. We started a seminary in 2001 for those called to serious graduate study, but we knew something like a discipleship school was needed. Our young adult leadership team didn’t think we were ready when we presented the idea to them two years ago. The climate changed late last fall when we again prayerfully considered a school. In January I spoke with my two youngest children, both in transition. When they each said that they wanted more intensive training for possible missionary work, I felt strongly that we were tracking with the Holy Spirit. The leadership of Communitas (our young adult group) and Lydia House (our house church) both confirmed the direction we were sensing. Then the newly formed board for these ministries also gave us the go-ahead. We have sensed the wind of the Spirit blowing, and we have put up our sails!

Paul Anderson

The Harvest Project Director

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